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Name: Len Davies
Location: Los Angeles
Submitted: January 11, 2013 08:33:03
Comments: I had the pleasure of working with Edwin in 1991 in Germany including singing backing vocals on stage with him. He was always the consumate entertainer as well as a lovely man and I really miss his sparkling talent.
Name: David Michael Hugaert
Location: Honolulu, HI
Submitted: December 22, 2012 04:49:12
Comments: Aloha, everyone: I've loved Edwin Starr's music as long as I can remember. Although "War" is his best known song, he's had other timeless records as well: "25 Miles" & "H.A.P.P.Y. Radio" are two others that come to mind. It's hard to believe it's been almost ten years since he's left us, but his music lives on forever. I see Edwin died in Nottingham, UK. I wonder what brought him to decide to live there? He picked a great place to live! Anyway, I'll always think of Edwin's soulful, powerful vocal delivery & those great hit singles! Another great artist gone too soon. R.I.P., Edwin. --D.M.H.
Name: Dan Prchard
Location: London
Submitted: December 18, 2012 17:20:38
Comments: I met Edwin only once, at a party in 1996 where I was running the catering for a birthday bash for a member of Queen! Who was the entertainer of choice?... Guess who.. You were such a gentleman and I still tell my kids about it. Thank you
Name: C
Location: SURREY
Submitted: November 09, 2012 23:01:37
Name: Fletch
Location: Wales
Submitted: November 08, 2012 15:42:47
Comments: Just got back from two great trips one to Tenerifeee and one to a 70s event in Brean edwins music was remembered at both there was a guy singing SOS as I walked into a bar in Costa Adeje he was the closest thing to the great man i have seen his name was Mr D it was great to know how much love the man still commands...never forget you Edwin
Name: Ron
Location: Florida
Submitted: September 18, 2012 03:08:22
Comments: Great artist..your music is now lives on my iPOD. RIP... and I will be thinking about you on my long runs!
Name: Marilyn
Location: Toronto
Submitted: August 30, 2012 07:58:57
Comments: Today is a good day. At the same time itís a sad day but with the words to War shared on Edwinís website, itís important to remember 40 years ago today, War was #1 on Billboard. He was happy and proud. Since then it has been covered by many Ė but none so great as Edwin. A special person with a special perspective on the world, the people around him and where he fit in the universe.
Name: Steven
Location: Ottawa
Submitted: August 21, 2012 00:34:32
Comments: I love, the music. He said it right, it the song war, what is it good for, absoutly nothing
Name: Amanda
Location: London
Submitted: June 17, 2012 11:12:49
Comments: Happy fathers day to you daddy, I am proud of you and your every Achievement, I miss you everyday,I will come and visit soon. All my love your little girl Amanda xxxx
Name: 712
Location: Nottingham
Submitted: June 07, 2012 18:33:19
Comments: Still miss you so very much. So many things in my life have changed since that sad day in 2003 except one and that is my love for you. xxxx
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